CHING LEEN through the most advanced automated production equipment and an aggressive management team, we was devoted to research and upgrade of the SMT processing. We convinced that elevated the high-quality professional electronic products processing factory should be continuous improvement and innovation. SMT OEM. Continuity provided the excellent quality and the best service to customer.

OEM ServiceChingLeen OEM Service
We have the factory registration certificate and certificate of profit seeking enterprise for the qualified professional OEM.

In the fast development and changing world, based on the rapid development of modern science and technology, the electronic products become light, thin and compact is the current trend, electronic communication with a wireless era has arrived.

CHING LEEN is devoted to the professional automation production of the SMT, DIP, OEM and finished or semi-finished product. Service items have computer peripheral, digital camera, KVM switching, TUNER, power supplies and other electronic products.

OEM Service

PC motherboards

Notebook motherboards

Interface card

Industry PC

Digital camera

Communication card

KVM switching


Power supplies

Other of the SMT and DIP semi-finished and finished processing, OEM, material.


OEM Service

OEM Service