CHING LEEN through the most advanced automated production equipment and an aggressive management team, we was devoted to research and upgrade of the SMT processing. We convinced that elevated the high-quality professional electronic products processing factory should be continuous improvement and innovation. SMT OEM. Continuity provided the excellent quality and the best service to customer.


ManufacturerDageDageDage X-Ray XD-7500
Dage X-Ray XD-7500
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Agent技高代理Ascentex Agent
Tension Range30 - 160KV30 - 160KV
Obilique Angle View

70° 傾斜

360° 自由觀測

70° Angle of inclination

360° Rotate

Maximum Board Size458 * 407mm18" * 16"
Resolution X-ray Images130 萬畫素1.3M Pixels
Examine Sample
BGA Solder Skip
BGA Solder Skip
Void Compute
Void Compute
LGA Solder Short
LGA Solder Short
Through Hole Check
Through Hole Check
Charging Standard