CHING LEEN through the most advanced automated production equipment and an aggressive management team, we was devoted to research and upgrade of the SMT processing. We convinced that elevated the high-quality professional electronic products processing factory should be continuous improvement and innovation. SMT OEM. Continuity provided the excellent quality and the best service to customer.

Satisfy the customer request.

In order to satisfy the customer request and insist that the customer attach product quality, CHING LEEN introduce to inspection equipment in Europe, the United States and Japan for the production of every process step.

Router EM-5700NDage X-Ray XD-7500TRI TR-7500X-Ray Fluorescent
Green product inspection, conform to innocuous production.

In response the rise of environmental awareness, the European Union adopted in 2003 by two directives:

Restriction on the Use of Hazardous Substances, RoHS

Waste from Electronic and Electric Equipment, WEEE


CHING LEEN as a member of the among green supply chain, in addition to develop lead-free process of electronic product and coordinate with customer requirement of heavy metals, since 2007 comprehensive follow the control of the Hazardous Substance, and announced Hazardous Substance relief policy statement.

Comprehensive follow the control of the Hazardous Substance. Coordinate with customer requirement of heavy metals.